Simulation breaking 2

Listen….listen. It’s easy. Ignore the doom sayers. Just ignore 1900s history. Just ignore 2000s history.

If you can say this statement without blinking or a pause then you are apart of the machine and you have nothing to fear, right?

Trust the government.

Really. Just trust what they say about it being nessary to go to war for reasons. I mean. Have a little faith in government. It’s Democrats running the show right? The mean old Republicans are out of the picture..right?

I mean the government would never lie to you….(lol) I mean you saw former Vice President dumbass GOP hoe Mike Pence take the vaccine for covid (lol) yep. He took a vaccine on TV. It was live TV. I mean T-Money pushed for the vaccines to come about.

All you T-money haters should thank him….right? (Lol)

Crept Keeper Joe is running the puppet show. Come on you can trust him. Right? He hasn’t made any racists statements in the past right? He can’t be an authoritative puppet leader out to take your freedoms. He’s your boy. He’s the leader of the free fucking world.

Oh my God.

I’m living in a Fucking confederation of dumbasses. I fucking can’t stop laughing…

What am I laughing about? I don’t know. Lol.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I’m bullshiting. But, maybe…lol.


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