Scarlett Johansson is suing the devil Mouse for the bag. Nerds are defending Disney for reasons??

I’m seeing some nerds online being fake angry about some bullshit sub pare actor suing the devil mouse for an issue of bitch better have my money.

My thoughts were for a few seconds okay what is the nature of suit and does she have a legitimate grievance?

Now from what I’m gathering is Scarlett Johansson had some agreement with the devil mouse about Black Widow movie only being shown in threaters. Because of Covid and devil mouse wanted to make more money Disney put the shit on their Disney + bullshit site and threaters. Same day.

Now the movie did not make much bank in threaters. It might be a reason for her suing devil mouse but, that doesn’t matter. The question is did the devil mouse have a written agreement with Scarlett Johansson?

It would be interesting to see if she’s right or wrong. Either way I have no loyalty to SJW (Scarlett Johansson Wokeass) or the devil mouse.

So I’m indifferent and my give a damn meter is on who the fuck cares?

One thing is interestingly annoying though.

The nerds are collectively defending the devil mouse and hating on SJW for going after her bag and fighting the devil mouse.

One female fighting an evil empire to get her money. Sounds like a underdog story or a tale of bitch going after money.

Still though might all be bullshit. Who knows who really gives a fuck + 1 shithead. I have one problem. Not with SJW. The fucking internet Nerds, fucking defending the devil mouse? A goble corporation.

Fuck that noise.

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson is suing the devil Mouse for the bag. Nerds are defending Disney for reasons??

  1. That bitch should be working the corner with her tits hanging out of a brassiere. I’d pay money to see “Crack Ho, The Movie” starring Scarlett Johannson and having her turn to drugs to combat her depression over her “lifestyle choice.” Maybe then we can see some realism in film.
    — Catxman


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