Rediscovering Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein

Thank the Lord books are cheap. I’m perusing yesterday just looking through the site for books I might like and books I’ve read and never bought before.

I come across in passing Double Star at the public library. I read it once ten plus years ago in college. Not for any perticular class just to read because the cover just caught me.

The cover was the thing I remembered but funny thing is I didn’t remember the author or title. Weird I know but I’m getting later on. It’s really on the cheap because well…who the fuck is looking for it but book nerds.

I love the story. Politics. Comedy and interesting likeable relateable characters. No spoilers.

It’s a weird time I find myself in. I’m becoming more engaged in building my library then gaming most days. I look at political simulation we’re and it just makes me want to get lost in again books like I did when I was kid.

It’s a welcome rest at times.

Warm Regards,


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