One day, one day soon I will finish reading Dune.

I love the 1984 Dune movie as a kid. I was weird, it was an experience and it was….

Boring at times. But, I still loved it.

I tried reading Dune. The first book in the series. Children of Dune fucked me up bad. I could understand Frank’s need to understand Jesus and all that bullshit but fucking hell. It was a mind fuck.

Mind you I read first book Dune and got that feeling from it that I was about to get mind fucked as I got half in the shit. I know where I stopped and what made me stop. I might even know the page number but I had to stop.

I got sneak mind fucked with Ender’s game. That shit fucked me up for years. Yes I know about the other books. Hell no I ain’t reading that shit.

I’m not saying either book is bad. The opposite. Those books works of fucking art. I’m saying that shit will fuck with you because it makes you think about the human condition and the nature of being human and the concepts of morality, justice and God. That for me I had to pause and just on that shit.

Books like Dune won’t be forgotten or lost in time. It is cemented in human western cultural stories.

But, holy shit. That shit still fucks with me.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Frank Herbert is a fucking genius.

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