Alright brainstorming 2030s, America collapses, New Laws, The Texas way and Foreign agents

July, 8th, 2036

7:30 am

I was off to work. I checked my piece at my side holster grabbed back pack and canteen and headed out my apartment.

I waved to Jim next door on the other side of street. Jim smiled and waved back. I pointed to holster seeing he forgot his piece. His face redened in embrassment and he rushed back inside his place to get his piece.

I walked over by his car and waited watching the area. I spoted a stranger on the other side of the gate in a police uniform beside a black pick up truck.

I waved him away. He stared at me. I stared back and put my hand on my revolver.

“Get the fuck on. We have private security here.”

“We received a phone call-“

“Your not welcome here. We’ll handle our own shit. It’s private property. Under section 31 of the new Texas territory law no foreign powers may trust pass on private claimed land. “

The uniform pursed his lips tightly at me. “I’m a texan native and police officer of this province. I came here to help.”

“Is there a problem here?” Jim said coming up next to me with his gun in his hand aimed at the ground.

I shook my head. I waved the uniform off. “Tell me the name of the person that called. I’ll handle it but your not allowed inside.”

“I can’t do that. It’s my job to help them. Stand down.” He said drawing his gun.

I draw my piece and aimed it at the stranger. “Blow your whistle, Jim.”

Jim blew on the community alarm and we heard several doors open and soon the parking lot was filled with our neighbors aimming our guns at the cop.

The cop gritted his teeth. I stared at him. “Get the fuck in your truck and get the fuck on. You have two minutes to compile.”

The cop backed up and got in his truck backing up and until he was on the open dirt road and headed out like a bat out of hell.

That was the second weirdo posing as foreign agent to show up in the last two weeks. Last time it had been at sun down.

Warm Regards,



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