I’m reading chapter 43 in to 44 from Throne of Bones..Damn it all to hell and back.

A house divided can not stand. The winds of change are upon a empire. Two men will gamble for their own reasons and take life so effortlessly for reasons?!

For the bounty of an innocent man’s life one man will sacrifice. Because he wants to save a empire, a dream. For a notion he is justified in his actions. That one day they will see how noble he trully was in the pools of blood he bathed in his own country men in.

For the bounty of a farmer’s life. A provider of food and life. One man will sacrifice. For vengeance?! No. For ego and hubris. He is the head of a house. He will willingly sacrifice his own blood and damn the world and his brethern to get his own way.

My thoughts. Damn. Just damn. I hated reading that shit. I can see where it is going. It was well written and thank the Lord short and to the point.

But….damn. Damn it all to hell and back.

Warm Regards,



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