I’ve spent 10+ years without eating meat. I ate a hot dog today…it’s weird.

The weird part being it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Today is national hot dog day or some bullshit. I think it was an excuss for my job to give employees hot dogs.

Anyway, I decided to try one. I was hesitant but I got one and some chips.

It’s weird. It’s like I never stopped eating meat. It didn’t taste any better or worse. It was alright. It gave me thoughts like why are people so obsessed with meat.

Don’t get me wrong. Growing young children need meat. A lot of protein. I loved fried chicken and fish back in the day all types of food. But, giving up meat I still had a large menu of food to have. Still, I didn’t miss eating meat and after having a good old American barbecue hot dog….

I still don’t miss it. It’s just food. The texture of food makes the most difference to me.

I thought I would feel differently about it. Honestly, I could do without meat. Maybe that’s the weirdest part.

I would rather eat a bean burger with some hot sauce and curly fries in it.

I can eat meat if I was real hungry and I didn’t have a different option but honestly I’ll probably keeping my vegetarian diet as is but add in other methods to gain protein.

Warm Regards,



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