Winter is coming….

You know the phrase from the softcore porn and hardcore violence TV show.

But, I speak in turn of the actual winter. Last winter caught me by surprise for the first time in my life and now I’m thinking about it’s return and more changes to come.

The new normal…hmmm. That first happened for me in the Overlord Obama era.

I saw the second wave on the dawn of Covid years late 2019 to present day.

For everyone else it was 2020 onwards because everybody else got the news from TV and word of mouth.

Winter is coming….

It’s time to prepare. It’s time to be mindful of the hurtship to come survival. A time to enjoy the present for what it is. To not be to focused on the past because the present has it’s concerns to deal with but winter is coming.

Am I ready this go round for what is to come? As always I’ll know when I’m in the shit but still I know who and what I can depend on.

It isn’t the system that is a failure and barely functioning. It isn’t the government that is barely functioning. It isn’t the library that is barely a thing here at least.

People, culture and connections matter more then things but still though…I got some boots and a few other supplies and a knowledge of what will shit the bed first.

Warm Regards,



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