Why do liberals hate current properganda in media?

It’s because we’re in a surplus of dumbasses that can’t write properganda correctly like they did ancient times of the 1990s.

Real talk. The properganda in the 1990s was a whole lot smarter, subverse and nuanced when I was growing up. Writers gave a damn about adding a gram of truth to force down their lies in to my youthful childish mind.

Before I was taught how to think. I was told what to think through movies and TV shows.

Western media for the last fifty years was about the destruction of family unit, sex and selling products for people to buy.

Now that we’re in a surplus of dumbasses that can’t write for shit cocain liberals and soft ass conservative hoes can’t stand the shit. The core thing missing from modern art is one gram of truth.

The current top grade drugs of Porn and media dreams aren’t going to work when the goble resset/Distopia era kicks off in the next few years.


Survival is more important then a media that tells me I’m an asshole for having a penis and all women are better then me without offering me one gram a true heroes journey tale.

It’s a beautiful day in shit texas with a lovely blue sky. It’s going to be a hot one but I’m alive and I’m never giving up on bettering myself and climbing to a better position and I thank God I was born and this is what I am.

That’s the type of properganda I like. Fuck all that men hatred shit and females need to be ugly and manly shit. It’s okay to a man and it’s okay for woman to be a woman.

Warm Regards,



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