I think Kevin Smith lost his writing mojo decades ago…..

Every writer has his or her time when the writing just reaches it’s peck and it just has no direction forward or it goes straight to the shitter.

Real talk. I liked Clerks 2 for what it was. Dogma was well…it was like watching an atheist taking a dog shit on Roman Catholic dogma not knowing anything about Roman Catholic beliefs.

I could see the dude had a big hate boner for Roman Catholic belief and western Christianity but I couldn’t give less the two shits about the weird as fuck story, the comedy was hit and misses.

It was interesting play on words and humor but most of the shit flew over my head. But, it was original.

Now. We come to current Mr. Smith who is totally locked into the Matrix hellmouth that is current Sjw dogma.

Mr. Smith is an agent for the female hating machine. Yes, this is my opinion. Yes the dude for some reason has this weird habit of writing females to sound like dudes…

Hmmm. Then again current Sjw cult member females kinda do sound like dudes. So maybe I’m wrong about his writing.

Na’aw. His current shit is Masters of Teela and her slaves in her universe. Series 2, I expect to be Evil old hags and their boy toy slaves and men bad.

Of course. I’m not watching none of the shit…why?

Because, I leave that to dudes that want to be objective and investigate if Mr. Smith is taking a piss on manhood. Newsflash he is and will continue to do so now as long as dudes keep watching it.

Warm Regards,


P. S. Clerks 2 was woke as fuck. Every dude in that film was either, an asshole, a loser, a fat ass gamma bitch that happens to get the hot girl knocked up, mildly a dumbass, full blown dumbass or a hopeless idiot that wants to talk shit all day and work a deadend job because reasons??

Not one mother fucking normal dude. Wait let me think about that. Nope. The female lead was a bad bitch though. Still, why the fuck would she let that fat fuck, fuck her. His place is painting her nails not fucking her and not putting that bitch on a table to take her to heaven with his rubber toy hammer.



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