Stand for something or you will be somebody’s bitch….

It’s beautiful day today. The usual sun shining. Nice cool wind and birds chirping…

I’m enjoying the moment but I’m also thoughtful about the strange times we’re in….

It is my hope that I bring joy to you day once in a while. A smile or laughter.

Still I hope that I have encouraged you to be thoughtful of what your told about Covid, the vaccines and real or imaginary dangers. To think and question what your told is the western way.

These are testing times for all of us. I’m not encouraging fear. I am encouraging caution with trusting supposed authorities and doing your due diligence in asserning the trustworthiness of political forces, vaccines, the news and friendly un asked for advice from strangers and friends about what you should put in your body…..

To put it plain to you….

Stand for something or you’ll be somebody’s bitch or test dummy. Please, don’t be anyone’s fool.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Be cautious because some times you can’t afford to live in the safety of trusting other people with your life.


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