I’m doing some research on the mRNA vaccines interesting stuff…

I am an ordinary dumbass who likes to read and question if I am mistaken about this shit read the shit for yourself.

mRna vaccine is really interesting apparently from what I’m gathering it isn’t like vaccines in the BC (before Covid) era of vaccines. It is a new type of “vaccine” scientists have studied for years apparently and just for the last couple of months have developed for the public to take to fight covid.

You see unlike previous vaccines that have a combination of a weaker form of a virus injected into your body to activate your immun system the mRNA vaccines or to be specific spiked protein shake is a different mix engineered science.

The Spiked protein shakes “teaches” your body to make a new type of protein. That can teach your body to combat a virus possible like Covid and somehow is a force field from keeping you from catching Covid 19.

You see the Spiked Protein shake is a magic bullet for stopping covid 19. That’s what I’m gathering from the web page at least.

It is a one hundred percent sure thing that in their opinion you take one of these Spiked protein shake engineered in a lab you’ll be safe.

The science behind the Spiked protein shakes will make you feel safe. The scientist are the authorities and they have their reasons. It goes without saying that we are conditioned here in America to trust scientists.

Are scientists infallible gods? No. At the same time some scientists are honest hard working elites not controlled by the government.


Real talk. My Daddy died from Cancer. Is stage 4 Cancer on par with Covid 19? Is it on par with aids in the number of deaths in the 1980s?

Not to be little people that have suffered from Covid 19 but I’ve seen Cancer close up and personal. I’ve seen it eat away at my Daddy’s body. Is Covid as deadly as that?

I don’t know. But, I just have questions. Eventually I’ll get the answers. Anyway, the….

Spiked Protein shakes are here now. Time and the devil will tell if the Spiked protein shakes are the magical bullet that will cure every disease known to mankind. Personally, I think that old snake is speaking already. This is just my opinion of course.

Question my words. Weigh my arguments and reasons. Please decide for yourself. Think for yourself.

Warm Regards,



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