Song of the day….Otis Redding’s Sitting on the dock of the bay

The song just came to my lips as I’m on my way to work at the beginning of the day…

I was thinking of the rense and repeat days I find myself in and always that need to change things up.


I cast my mind to my childhood days in North Carolina. Sitting on the porch on sunny Summer days that felt enternal. Every hour I felt the day lasting longer then the last.

I didn’t have time wasted moments. I had a youthful mindset and yes…oh yes. I enjoyed running with no shoes on the grass and enjoying the fireworks in the sky above my head in the night sky on the forth…

I waited all year for it because it was the one time I could stay up and enjoy feeling of wonder in the sky…

That’s what the song feels like to me…

A time capsule moment. I had no worries. I just had moments I enjoyed and people around me that were my world.

Warm Regards,



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