You must trust a person of authority because reasons?!

Real talk. I’m pondering this shit. It don’t make not a damn bit a sense.

The four dumbasses of atheism accomplished a monterous undertaking. They did they’re damn hardest to move the subject of a god as an authority out of the public sphere….well not really but for the sake of this weird post let’s say they did…

Instead of God/religious authorities and politicians and smart dumbasses with degrees….we have…

People blindly trusting politicians and  a fucking dude/alien/them/! in a lab jacket all telling you to trust them as the authority over your life and believe not only what they show you on TV but that they are so noble and real about protecting the world from the orange man because reasons?!

How the fuck? What the fuck?

How the fuck did we get here? I mean. I thought the whole goal was to get people to think for themselves and be individuals that weigh shit by logic and facts…

We don’t have that. Real talk. People went from believing God to believing a dude in a lab jacket they don’t know if he is a murder, thief, con man or whatever. They just believe him because the overlords in charge put him front of a camera and he sounds like a smart dumbass.

I’m down for thinking and not doing something simply because the group does it.

Example alot of people with assumed authority say some shit about Stefan Molyneux. A lot of negative shit you can google and first page of information you get is a lie because to really find out about a dude you have to objectively listen to his thoughts and opinions to understand him and not imprint your understanding on him.

Stefan Molyneux was truly puzzled by this shit in one video I watched a couple weeks back.

He was deeply troubled that his ten years of trying to put logic and reason as an authority people would look to instead of religion, The Bible or religious authorities. He realized shockingly he failed.

He failed in a big way. People are now looking to political forces like pimp cocain democrats and stable of hoe conservatives and little gods in black and white robes as authorities in their lives.

People don’t use logic or reason as an authority. They repeat back the logical or so called thoughts they’re told and repeated back in talking points. It never comes to their mind that dude in a lab jacket with medical degree might be paid by some dude with money to fuck with the numbers or his rich daddy might have paid the school to gift his son a degree.

I’m saying believe me. I’m just regular man. I’m question the reason your being told something when…you didn’t even ask a fucking question yet

Now….why did this happen? The fuck I know. I got guesses that we’re in a surplus of dumbass that logic and reason can’t beat that cocain Democrat magic and conservative hoe snow jobs on Americans.

One thing is clear…Fahrenheit 451….

Predicted all this shit.

Warm Regards



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