A study in female bullshit 6. She wants to abort his baby because they can’t afford it?! Read to the end!

Alright here’s the dude’s story ..

He’s smoking on his cigar doing a live stream on YouTube. He’s relating an event in his life when his wife was going to have a blood ritual sacrifice because they couldn’t afford the baby.

He’s a neo modern man. His wife is a cult worshiper and he respects her right to her religion and leadership in the home. So he can’t stop her. He would like to see his kid born so he tries to make logical arguments to her to convince her not to sacrifice his child in her body in the ritual.

She ain’t hearing the shit. She’s smoking cigars and going to do whatever the fuck you wants to do.

However, she hears an emotional story from a female co-worker at work about her regrets about sacrificing her baby in the cult ritual.

Dude’s wife changes her mind. She has the baby. Dude is happy to have his kid but still a bit sore that his logical arguments couldn’t change her mind….

Now do I think she’s an emotional  evil bitch. No. She is a godless pagan cult worshipper.

There is some details I left out for us to reexamine this story.

She had four kids before they met. Dude marries her still and the kids call him their father. He takes care of them like a true father to them. She was already a single mother. So was already struggling. She gets with the dude but apparently he wasn’t a high earner at the time.

She is a female. Think about it from her prospective. She already had got somebody to act as the father for her kids. They couldn’t afford another kid at the time. Her reasoning was sacrifice the kid to protect the resources for her current number of family members.

Now…dude is a modern man. He believes in the superior will of the female in the production of children for the family unit. He has no say in how much children they have. He can offer an opinion and advice but the female has the last and final say as the matriarch of the family.

Both of them are modern atheist black folks.

I have one question about this that has been swimming in my head.

“Why in the fuck would a dude think or even attempt to have children with a female that regards a dude’s opinions as mute when he is in fact her second choice in value to be her man?”


Her kids are first importance. He is dead fucking last. She will validate another female more then her man’s opinion though. This is not a dig at them. This is modern day life. This is a lesson in female bullshit but as always….

To each his or her own bullshit.

Warm Regards



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