Robinhood? Why would dude name his company this name? Hmm. I wonder?!

These are all allegedly thoughts. You know wild thoughts.

The owner or owners of Robinhood have weird sense of humor like me. What’s in a name?

The meaning. The purpose. The heart of the owners.

The mother fuckers want to be thieves. Possibly.  Allegedly. I’m just saying things.

There is nothing free just a sucker that falls for con game.

But, Robin hood is a thief. Robs from people. You know. He steals.


We live in the information age. What type of information do companies like to take and sell to other companies?

Information about people.

Robin Hood is a thief. He steals from people.


Rich smart people don’t really have money. They have debt, trusts foundations and companies that protect their wealth from the government taking it.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi. She isn’t a thief but she is a pimp cocain Democrat Overlord princess.


Poor people have money though and information that is valuable to big business owners. The rich.

The best way to steal is to get somebody to give you their money.

Warm Regards


P. S.

Robin hood is a thief.


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