Brainstorming session. The Silent War, Chinese, corporate take over, 2020 election

Look I’m fucking tired and don’t want to go to work but VD gave an idea of a fantasy brainstorming idea…

Silent War

January 6th, 2020

Underground bunker


I paced the floor with my wife and youngest son sleeping in another room. I wondered. How the fuck was this going to play out.

There was no winning this fight. Just a long fucking war.

The door opens and I turned in relief to see my top adviser walk through the door. I held out my hand.

“Cube. It means a lot that you’ve come man. I really need your advise. Everyone else has betrayed or sold me out.”

Ice Cube walks into the room dressed in a black tee and matching pants and New York cap. He scowled at me shaking his head.

He shakes my hand though. He has a grim line set on his lips. “You fucked up man. The Chinese, the Russian Mafia, and the European union and the fucking mon party are in the fix. You got to walk away from it.”

“I got an army.”

Cube narrowed his eyes. “You got a Navy and Army that ain’t backing you up and civilian white dumbasses set up to look like terrorists bombers. Walk away.”

I shook my head. “Cube. Listen to what the fuck your saying. Look what these fuckers have done to your people. Slavery. Broken promises and fucking with your tribal histories. Abortions? It has to stop.”

Cube rolled his eyes. “The fucking mono party has been enslaving my people for three centuries in physical chains and now mental chains. We survived this far we will overcome them when American Empire falls we’ll still be standing. But, you don’t give a fuck about that. It’s your pride. But, fuck that shit. You got to walk away or they’ll burn your whole fucking family. They want that old fucker in white house. He’s already insane and controlable. The minute you started fucking with their slave program that’s when your number was up.”

“Shit. I don’t quit. I know I can’t win this one. I was a fucking rookie from the jump. But, knowing what I know now. I just need one shot. One year. I can’t let them get their way.”

Cube shook his head. “I ain’t talking about quitting dogg. I’m talking about getting serious. This is a fucking street war in the shadows. All this doing shit in the daylight ain’t cutting it dogg. You got to take the war into the shadows where they’re fighting it and you know it. This ain’t the glory days of fighting with muskets and shit face to face and you know it.” He said.

I nodded my head soberly. “The silent war.”

Cube nodded. “You can’t stop the fall of the Empire that’s a given. You knew that when Emperor Obama told you the situation coming in. You fucked with monparty’s slave trade and business relationship with China to keep them from invading us in the 2030s but even those assholes can’t see that China’s real objective is already happening.” He said.

I nodded. “I can’t stop the fall but I can smash the biggest weapon they have over the sheep.”

“The media.” Cube said speaking my thoughts. “You have to take them out. Your a billionaire Don. Taking them all down would be more easier then you could as the Emperor and afterward you can do what you do best and what your known for being.”

“The comeback king.” I said and nodded. Yeah. I had people to get even with and enemies to crush. I would crush them for every damn thing they said about me and my family. The son of a bitches had fucked with the Don.”Alright. This is going to be a long war. I’ll need a general. You up for the task?”

“If your up for taking care of my tribe then we got a deal. You fuck me over and I’ll put your ass in sling.” He said holding out his fist. “You got me?”

I put my fist to his fist. “I got you Cube.”


Warm Regards


P. S.

Your welcome to my readers. To the screaming humorless asshole. Please send your tears in a bottle to P.O Box. 221b go fuck yourself. TX


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