You know the fall of the American Enpire in the 2030s has one big benefit. Jackel hunting season will begin.

I think about that Jackel that “killed himself” in jail some times.

How many rich powerful overlords covered for his ass?

How many of them took part in his shit and didn’t get the same end?

I’m comforted by this one thought. These fucking assholes won’t see it coming.

Kingdoms raise and governments can fall in a single day.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Not on the ground mind you. I’ve seen it on the interwebs and I know. Nothing is forever that is man made.

The system that hides these fuckers. The system that allows these Jackels to hide in plain sight and assholes will protect these sick bastards..

Fuck em. They’ll meet their end. America is not a system. America is not a philosophy. America is not a ideal.

America will survive because Americans will live on. Americans will fight on. Americans will take back their lands and legacy.

…. You know it’s a beautiful day today here in shit kicking Texas. I hope you enjoy it.

Warm Regards



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