A word on Space Jam Legacy….the fuck??

What the fuck?

I keep seeing ads for this shit movie everywhere. I know why and my thoughts are as follows….

Fuck you.

Not you the reader. The mother fucking overlords that are pushing this shit.

Nobody asked for this shit. Nobody.

I saw the 1990s Space Jam in theaters….

The end. I hoped the shit wouldn’t come back. If Bill Murray isn’t in this shit storm new shit I don’t give a fuck.

No. Even if Bill Murray was in it I wouldn’t give to shits of a cent of a percentage multiple that by my balls and it still wouldn’t add up to a give a fuck.

Listen. I’m trying to find a reason to go to the movies beyond popcorn and doing something besides gaming and reading books on my days off.

Every fucking time I see Mr. James face in connection with this bullshit movie….

I think…What the fuck is on YouTube?

Warm Regards


P. S.

Mr. James is not equal to Michael Jordan who could win 6 championship games with one team and never have to jump ship at any time. This is not a dig…it’s a fucking history lesson in contrasts.


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