Okay. I’m interested in reading…The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Alright. I heard this review of this book and it has all the elements of brilliant weirdness that are sparking my interest..still right now reading wise I’m busy. I reading Throne of Bones by Vox Day. I took a break for a few weeks or so but I’m back on it.

Throne of Bones will take me about the rest of the year to finish but I love it. It’s just a wild ride.

But, I’m seriously interested in getting The Luminaries. In hardback.

Plot driven. Strong characters. Interesting web of a world of twisting events.

You know I was thinking about getting that switch combo but peeping the price on books again and I’m again thinking about saying fuck the switch for a couple more months until Breath of Wild 2 comes out fingers crossed next year.

It’s the weekend. I’m going to be into my books with no shirt on today.

Warm Regards



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