Thoughts on the Silent generation…

I like the mindset and the can-do attitude of them. I find myself more now in this weird era thinking along those lines.

Think about the kind of people that could accept and embrace the tough realities of life and be victorious. Not so much by choice but by grit, by determination.

Men were men. Women were women.

Each respected the other for what they did for each other. They survived together. They lived together. The times they worked through showed who they were when convience wasn’t a reality. It was a fantasy. Community was a necessity not a leisure thing. Connection to ones own was deep.

Everything they did was for personal and realistic human reasons. They wanted the best for their children for their families. Being selfish would be insane when you had people that depended on you being willing to put the needs of others that depended on you to live and eat.

You didn’t glorify yourself for doing what you had to do. You did it and was silent about it.

Warm Regards,



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