Trainning a em for speed…

I start out my session with two trainees and an evaluation of their form and focus on their task. I work with them at their pace and adjust the pace a little step by step improvements the minutes tick by.

I don’t give advice when it’s not needed. I don’t want to slow down the pace if I don’t have to talk. If their form is perfect, their focus is right and their pace is steady I think okay. That’s good now let’s make em faster.

If a dude has a bit of a competitor mindset all the more greater for me to experiment. I take the speed up to see if they’ll speed up. Their pace remains the same though. Some times this happens. Time to push it.

I push myself to really put on some speed. I’m pushing to get the dude because he can go faster. The dude is younger then me and in shape.

Finally he picks up speed nearly matching my pace and in time to my speed. I keep him at this level adjusting and pushing him beyond his limits.

The session ends and my trainnee has no idea what I did or why I did it. But, he’s learned how good and fast they can be at the task.

warm Regards



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