Louis and his struggles to keep his business operating for the sake of his employees in NYC

This is the video. The short hand. Louis operates a repair business in New York City. The government is giving him shit about renewing his business license though he has already renewed it. But, they need him to renew it.

watch the video. You’ll understand that nothing about what he’s going through makes any damn sense but it’s reality-based fucked up situation.

He’s an honest hard working man that is having trouble operating his business in a city/state government that is essentially against the idea of business and a functioning government.

It’s not funny. It’s the broken pieces of a system that can’t function last forever because it’s run by dumbasses who think their way of doing things is right because reasons?

no. It’s because of the feelings.

Any time you a grown man nearly begging his kwn government to allow him to operate a business he payed the license to operate but they don’t know it or they’re extorting money from him. In eithee case what the fuck.

Warm Regards



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