Gaming Nerds have been prophesying about Nintendo switch pro for years…they finally get their wish and still bitch about it not being a true switch pro…

Holy shit! The fucking gaming Oracales have been making videos for years prophesying about a advanced Nintendo Switch that will be “the one” switch to rule the fucking hand handle market.

Holy shit! 

The fucking roamers. The fake excitement around muck up 3d scatches and fan theories. All this shit from people that secretly can’t stand the Nintendo Switch being what the fuck it is. A tablet hand handle with shitty controllers that drift to side after two hours of use.

Holy shit! 

Nintendo drops the video for the new Nintendo Oled switch. Oled?! The fuck? People are disappointed about the reality of the switch pro not being the fantasy they wanted it to be.

Fuckers are still saying. “Na’aw dogg. This isn’t the switch pro. It’s coming man. This is just the set up my dude. Nintendo is just bidding their time and waiting to drop the real shit next year on April 2nd when the full moon is high in the sky.”

Holy shit! Holy mother fucking shit!

The fucking delusions these fucking nerds have. Thank the LORD! For Nintendo. Seeing my gaming brethren cry or get pissed over this is the funniest shit all year….

My thoughts on the Oled switch. I think….it looks alright. I dig the Oled screen. That’s it. 

It did give me an idea of though. I plan on buying the Oled screen on eBay for $150.00 later on. Get some huri joycons (that aren’t the base shitty joycons model) and getting my logo on the back. I’ll rock the color scheme of burn orange and red. That bitch will be flames my dude. I ain’t paying $350.00 plus tax for a screen update with shitty controllers. Fuck that noise.

Oh….Holy shit this shit was fun to write.

Warm Regards



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