Music is my hobby but writing is my pressure valve for dealing with life and being myself

I have some time today so I’m playing a bit of music on my piano. I enjoy it as a passing hobby and being creative with experimenting with scales and melody. I had a thought about being a musician once or twice in my life. I read books about becoming a music teacher but it never went anywhere. 

I have a bit of skill at tickling the keys to create some delight to my ears for the moment. But, I’m not a talent by any means of the word. I could never bring joy to my Grandmother when she was sick in bed from heart failure. My fingers worked hard on the keys and brought only a poor man’s attempt at bringing joy.

A true artist creates beauty and joy for world to enjoy. My brother Red is artist though from the creative flow of singing, guitar, piano and the martial arts way.

Red is artist. I am writer and sage of dark comedy. I consider the Profession I do for resources just that. The profession I do for resources whatever pride I get from it is mute. My Profession accomplishes what I need it to do. I give my Profession 110%. It’s the work ethic I was taught when I got my first job at fourteen.

When my time card is up on my Profession then I go back to writing.

Is writing a hobby for me? I don’t make any money from it but really I wanted to be a poet when I was a kid. I learned from Robert Frost that you don’t have to give up your writing when you have to take a day job to support yourself.

I think about the diffintion of a hobby. 

Hobby – noun 

1. An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

That word pleasure. Writing is to much an exercise in releasing extra negative energy, thoughts, plans and dreams for it to be pleasureable half of the time. I gave up asking why I write so much now.

Writing is better then putting  my fist through someone’s face or breaking my foot off in someone’s ass for coming at me with some bullshit. I have control of my emotions. I can examine those emotions. I can say what I think and express myself instead of holding all the thoughts inside. I can release it out. I can be honest. I can be who I am. I can be guardiandogg.

A hobby can be fun. It can a fun time waster. 

Writing? Blogging? Poetry?

No. I can change Professions. I go up in pay or down. Doesn’t matter to me because I give whatever I do everything I have and I will go up the ledder of  achievement at my own pace. I learn slow but I improve on myself and keep going.


This is my advice for a young Professional. If you learn fast. Keep your skills sharp. Keep learning and fucking enjoy being the best at what you do. If you learn slow. Take your time and watch other people that are better then you. Learn from them and improve how you do things and fucking enjoy every rise of improvement you achieve because you earned that respect. Don’t let nobody piss on your respect. Conduct yourself like somebody that should be respected by respecting others around you in kind and yourself.


I couldn’t give up writing. It’s only my means and outlet for expressing myself.

Warm Regards



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