I feel it sometimes…that feeling like I’m living in one of the back stories of world war Z (the book) or world war dumbass

Five years ago,  the fucking world was different. It wasn’t all happy dreams and rainbows but just five years ago I didn’t have to wear a mask permanently outside in unsafe asshole know it all zones. I didn’t have to hear a fucking  fear in a dude’s voice about covid. 

Mother fuckers honest to God trust men in lab jackets. Mother fuckers honest to God think the vaccines are safe because reasons? Mother fuckers honest to God trust the fucking government.

The last part is the scariest to me. Men in lab jackets lie. Men who sale the vaccines lie. The government? Does the United States Government tell lies?

People are acting like the words that come out of  Crept Keeper Joe’s mouth are the words of the Lord himself. 

Come man, trust the system?!

Holy shit!

But,  I never realized how much people are willing to delude themselves just not to be afraid but to feel safe. To pretend they don’t live in a state of fear.

Why? All this fear?

That’s what I hear some times in people’s voices. They know something is wrong. They don’t want to face it so they pretend everything is okay in their American Dream world.

Not everyone of course. I’m in Texas.

I live with depression on my back. So I do not stand on a high ground stance of bravory. I fight against my own person shit every day. I don’t have any delusions about myself. I fucked up my life more times then I can count.

Maybe, that’s it. I can’t lie about myself or what I see now. I know that this isn’t normal. This simulated world of 2021. 

Oh did you hear about the president of Hati being gun-down by DEA agents

Warm Regards


P.S. We have saying now. It’s called “Stay Safe” but safe from what covid? No. A better saying would be “Keep you finger on your safety because shits about to get real”


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