Covid masks theories: Close encounters with the mind fucked.

Look I understand some people are stuck in the American Dreamland bullshit. Like always to each his own bullshit but I’m just not down with it.

I accept that the shit isn’t going to end to until people see a fucking simulation glich go off in their faces. Then those people have to decide whether to have a heart attack or accept that you can live through the shit.

In my every day life I keep my opinions to myself but it is jaring when I’m out in public and some fucker asks me to put a mask on with the assumption I’m doing my part to stop the spread of Covid fantasy land dreams. Covid went world wide the mission to stop it failed this is world we live in. Anyway.

I’m waiting for the fucking bus near and not at the bus stop. Some dude comes up to me and asks me to help him get a number off my phone for the hospital to check about his appointment. I google the shit and I’m trying to get the number. Mother fucking shakey security guard comes at me while I’m trying to get a number.

He asks me to put my mask on. I slip it on. That was the end of the conversation for me. He’s still talking though. He’s trying to tell me about a area maybe across the street I can have my mask off. The fucker is in his own scripted corporate zone. He can’t tell I don’t give a fuck about what he’s saying. His job is to walk around and tell people to put their masks on. Think about that shit. That’s the kind of job for highschool kids getting their first job. Why in the fuck is he pretending like we’re having a conversation. Worse yet, he’s pretending like he wants to help me. The fucker doesn’t give a damn about me or helping me he’s on his job.

I can stand this shit. This pretend conversation bullshit. My give a damn meter empty. I turn my head to him lock my gaze with his eyes and I ask him if he knew the number to the hospital near by. My tone was dominant with zero fucks about him and his job. But, I didn’t curse out him. I asked a question and wanted an answer.

Mother fucker is shook. He throws his hands up and says he was just doing his job and walks away. I’m sitting down, mind you and he’s standing above me with his partner dumbass in crime who is quiet the whole time. Why the fuck was he so shook to his fearful soul.

Was I pissed? Yes. But did I want an answer to my question? Yes. I didn’t get an answer I got bullshit.

Fucking useless dumbass.

I got the man the number to the hospital. The shit fucked with me though. I get this shit some times when my give a damn meter is low.

Warm Regards



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