Pen names and virtual identities…

The title is not much of an intro I know but the idea of writing formal books under name guardiandogg has been toying around in my head lately. Not so much to keep my given name super secret but honestly when I feel free and honest with my thoughts and words it’s now under digital name guardiandogg. 

When I was a kid though with dreams of being a writer and poet. I wanted to craft my own name as well in fiction. Mark Twain ‘s autobiography book was the spark to that idea. 

Names have meaning. Guardiandogg has two meanings for me. First it was a random play on words for me that ended up being the best way to find my digital foot print. Two, there is something funny about the name actually being a weird truthful way of describing my personality a bit. The extra G signifying my wanton need to have a laugh at myself. I can be to serious all the time.

I grew up around laughter and play ful bantor. I grew up around sadness and needs for escaped into books, movies and again laughter. I grew up around normal folk that had different shades of humanity. I laugh to release the tension. I find something funny even in these days that have gone to the doggs.

Warm Regards



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