An example in exegesis and eisegesis…

Exegesis – noun. A critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture. The text. “I wake up every morning with 2 thoughts. #1 how can I make my bosses more money? #2 how do I get some of it?” – Stephen A Smith Is this a negative statement on it’s face value. No. The interpretation can be up to debate but on face value you can’t say it’s bad. The writer is intending to convey that his highest ambitions are to make his bosses the most money from what he does for them. Secondly his intention is to also to gain capital from the transaction of his business relationship with them. That is what employment is. It’s a business relationship between two parties or more for mutual benefit. Eisegesis – noun. The interpretation of a text (as the bible) by reading into it one’s own ideas. The text: “I wake up every morning with 2 thoughts. #1 how can I make my bosses more money? #2 how do I get some of it?” – Stephen A Smith In a previous post I performed eisegesis on his words. By thinking of the representation he has garnered for himself. The opinions of other people on him and his own words. I thought of the character of the man. I read into his words that he was a slave for the machine. His first thoughts every morning is not his wife. Not, his family his duties or taking a piss. It’s how can he make his bosses more money and get a little money for himself as well. Now was my interpretation true or false? I would say it’s first false and maybe true. False. Because the statement of the text is so stupidly put together the best way to read it honestly is as advice given from a professional. He should have worded it like this: As a industry professional I want to give the best value in my business relationships so that the collective brand value that of my company and myself will grow in wealth. Now my eisegesis maybe right because again the text is worded stupidly. There is to much interpretation up for grabs based on the negative and positive effects of the writer’s brand. I can interprete it wrongly or rightly such as: I wake up every morning in bed with my wife with two thoughts. 1# how can I fill my bosses pockets with money 2# how can I get some of that pocket money for myself. I don’t know the dude. So I could be wrong. One thing is correct. Instead of deleting the tweet he should have edited it into a clear statement about the importance on becoming a professional asset to a company and growing your brand by respect, professionalism and hard work. Warm Regards Guardiandogg

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