Here is an example of a delusional dumbass. (Comedy?!)

I came into the house holding the door open for my dumbass sister. She came in without looking up or offering a thank you because she was watching a ticktok video on her Iphone and laughing. She had on tiny shorts a Tank top and no bra.

She walked past me to her room. I slammed the door. She paused and looked at me.

“What’s your deal?”

“I saw you cross the fucking street as I drove away after dropping you off at the mall. You went to the sacrifice temple again. That’s the seventh time this year alone. What the fuck do have against birth control or the bitch your fucking using a damn condom.”

Jenny paled but put her chin up. “I’m ninteen. It’s my body and my choice. You can’t tell me not to have a blood ritual sacrifice.”

“Fuck that bullshit. I told your ass to focus on getting a job not getting laid. You flunked out of college and your a fucking slut. You can’t even find a man with money to pay for your fucking phone bill. Fucking get a job and start paying for your own phone bill at least miss independent woman or I’m going to take your phone and car away.”

Jenny started crying.

“You have one week. Get a job or I’m taking back my Iphone and my car. Do I look like I’m bullshiting?” I asked her.

Jenny stopped crying and glared at me. “Alright. Alright you fucking asshole. I’ll get a fucking job. Damn it. All you men are the fucking same. Dominanting and controling.”

I held up a hand. “Save me the female bullshit for your pussy whipped muscular boy toy. Clocks ticking. Oh and you better keep the job for six months or say bye bye to your credit cards to bitch. You ain’t running shit around here. You’re living good because I pay for it and allow it. It’s time to grow up baby sister. Now come over here and give me and kiss.”

Jenny glared at me. “I fucking hate you.” She said and stomped over to hug my waist and kissed my cheek before stomping to her room.

“I love you Jenny.”

Jenny turned back and gave me the finger. “I love you to asshole.”


Warm Regards


P. S. You know the fucked up thing about this post. This is a real likely thing that happens in the 1st world shit holes.


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