The source and the key to He-man’s power. The Morality in a cartoon show

Before Kevin Smith’s Masters of Universe comes out I have thoughts about the whole lore of the He-man universe.

I’m speaking in regards of the remake that happened a couple years ago. One episode in proticular. I think it was titled Grey Skull.

The episode is really a Orgin story not of He-man but Grey Skull hallmarking who he was and what he was and how he was the power. Grey Skull was a person who was tested by life and struggles. He was a man who fought hard and instead of finding some mystical sword given to him by the gods to give him power. No.

Grey Skull became the source of that power. Not just him but he left a legacy or key for his descendants to unlock that power, that honor by calling on his name and acknowledging that they come from him that he is the source.

But, then as Grey Skull’s descendents acknowledge who he is or was they also take up that legacy and call names that represent their own names. The male descendent calls himself He-man or He is the man. The man for what? The man that is called upon to take action. To defend his people. To take hold of the memory of his ancestor and use it as a key to unlock his own identity and power for this age. To take up image of strength and manhood.

The female in turn call on his honor. The essense of his value and worth that Grey Skull handed down not only to his sons, sons but to his sons daughters.

She who takes hold of his honor. She who calls it from past and uses it to transform herself into She-Ra or She who roars power. A princess of Power. A female that is classic. A female that is adored and loved. A female that is born with value and worth handed to her by the honor of her ancestor.

There is just something chilling to this stuff. I mean it’s only a action cartoon. But, there is something teachable about the importance of legacy. The importance of leaving something behind when your gone. The importance of a man protecting his name of striving to bring honor to his ancestors and to his descendents to call on in times of trouble.

Why bring all this up?

I am a son of the Michael. I carry his name and masculine energy. I am guardiandogg. I cew on iron and I spit out bullets.

Am I being silly?

Not really. I know where I come from and I know where I’ve been and I know where I’m going.

Can you say the same?

Warm Regards



I loved when in the OG He-man shows he’s moving forward and fast and transforms into the image of his ancestor.


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