“I just want a big truck and enough land to be left the fuck alone.” – The thoughts of the men of means.

Now I remember reading a book back in the day about the common traits of quiet millionaires. One of the common traits is a dude that has an old pickup truck and drinks beer.

You wouldn’t know he’s a rich dude because he didn’t dress like a showoff asshole with a gold chain around his neck.

Where is all the money?

In the bank? In stokes and bonds? In businesses?

I’m listening to a podcast run by a millionare and hearing in passing his thoughts on wealth and values.

He values his children, land, old truck and tractor. He played pro basketball and invested his money in houses and has tenants.

But it’s hearing him talk about the freedom that land gives him and making money off of the good will of his name that has my ears pick up.

I see a lot trucks in Texas. Being here has taught me the value handling things for yourself and having your space.

Land. The ability to have your own space. To grow food. To exist and maintain your space.  That’s real wealth.

Warm Regards



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