Working on a mystery today it was not intention. It always starts out with who is the person?

I never intended on writing mystery stories and the like I still don’t think of myself as a mystery writer it just always starts as a question…

Who is this person?

The person is sort of like a cloudy image in my mind. I don’t even have a story just a question. Who is this person?

I drop um in to a fictional world and start to get a feel for they are but then I notice something else.

They have a problem. Okay I let them talk to a charecter in the story explain in their problem. I get a sense of where the mystery going. I can probably write down the ending but the tough part is starting to pace my way from beginning to middle to ending. I got to do it though because though I have an ending It doesn’t make sense to me without the steps to how the hell did I end up there.

Warm regards



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