Hmmm. What is the purpose of these vaccines?

I popped by VD’s blog and caught this story he was writing about.

Read the article. Here’s the short hand. 18 year old takes the Pfizer vaccine a few hours later has a fucking heart attack. But, wait it can’t be because of the vaccine…it’s reasons??

This is why I don’t trust the government. This shit isn’t surprising. It’s typically government bullshit.  When you give complete faith in the system and people in lab jackets to say you should put some shit into your body because..reasons. because trust the system. Because we know better then you. Because we are the authorities.

All bullshit or as the youngsters say today caping on yourself trusting in governmental authorities.

Holy shit. You see United States EMPIRE has done this fucking bullshit before. It could be a random fuck up but I’m a realist. You see, people have already been dying from this shit already.

Now. What is my suggestion? If you are insistant on taking one of these “vaccines” or allowing your kids to get it, bitch you better be praying to the Lord that this shit doesn’t take you or fucking kid out.

The experiment is on. The government is looking for volunteers. Do you feel up to the task to roll the fucking dice?

I. Do. Not. Trust. The government.


Because I’m an American with a history of being fucked over by my own government.

Warm Regards


P. S.

Why in the fuck do people trust these assholes to tell them what to put in their own fucking buddies. Every fucking time. Trust the powers that be? Trust these nuts my dude!


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