When you get down to it life is about not being a bitch.

Real talk. I believe in the social sexual Hierarchy and all that shit but it really comes down to not being a bitch or stop being a beta bitch simp.

I have a lot movies I just rock with and I call my favorite but no movie has ever made me want to be a man or been more honored to be a man like “The Edge” 1990s movie.

Holy shit. I saw that shit in threaters with my mother to right my brother Red to my left.

My mother kept saying to me remember this. Hot damn! Did you hear that. That’s a damn man. Listen to him son. That’s a man talking.

I was seeing a man embrace conflict. Embracing the reality that a fucking bear was out to kill him and running isn’t going to work. You got to kill that bitch. You got take that shit on because that’s what being a man is about.

What one man can do another man can do.

You take your square and fight it out.

You can’t be a bitch in life. As a man you have to be dominant. You have to be a bad ass mother fucker. Because you got one shot. Pussying out ain’t going to give you shit but female laughter and shame.

If life hits you hard you got to hit back twice as hard.

I forgot that for part of life and lived like a bitch until I realized all it takes is a step. An action. An attitude. I ain’t giving up. I ain’t backing down. I ain’t ready to stop fighting. I didn’t hear no fucking bell. The round ain’t over until I’m dead.

Warm Regards



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