GOP conservative hoes have become the snarky bitch that makes fun of cocain pimp democrats for selling…cocain American dreams? Part 2

When did it become the game plan for GOP hoes to set off on a mission of making food of lying cocain pimp Democrats for being…lying cocain pimp Democrats.

I don’t get it.

Why the bullshit?

Most of the rise of T-Money and the fall of our Obama years was about conservative hoes being the new cool hoe that made fun of big daddy pimp cocain Democrats for being liars.


Yeah that’s it. No punch line. No the punch line I fell for the shit too…well not really. It was entertaining until the moments I realized most conservative hoes were snorting cocain dream lies themselves while making fun of democrats for just being real gangsters.

Real talk. I grew up around gangster democrats. I voted for a dude that had mob ties and two female mayors that were thieves that stole from poor people…

Did I know this at the time. Yes and no. I had vague knowledge about it but I didn’t care. I wasn’t snorting cocain. I was a dumbass kid and didn’t know shit about voting just every politician is gangster of some kind.

Some things didn’t changed.

I say all this to say GOP conservative hoes again conserve liberalism and snort some type of liberal cocain dream tradition.

You can trust the dude you know. The dude that will ride with you. The dude that will stand for something that is traditional.

You trust a card carrying conservative hoe with white fairy dust under his nose talking about blood ritual sacrifices being bad because the deta says it but we really need more wars in the middle of the godforsaken dessert because reasons?

Warm Regards



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