Have you ever heard a question that made you think…I don’t even think like that.

I’m looking on YouTube on a YouTuber’s community page. He posts a statement I had trouble comprehending.

Gentlemen, being right and winning are often very different.

If you’re not productive and/or competitive thus “successful” why should the women you want….

Care about what you think?

Thoughts? – by Kevin Samuels.

Now. It’s hard for me to answer this question now because at this point in my life I’m spending more time trying to figure out

How to make more money,

How to write more books,

How to main my depression

What to invest in. What to spend my energy on. What to do about my personal image. What life insurance to get and other shit.

Side note. I know he’s talking a proticular dude that really wants a certain type of female. So the whole statement and question is built on it. I just found it so wow. I don’t even think like that.

I mean a want to have sex with a 5’5 shorty on a table. But, caring about her thoughts on my career path and the way I’m designing my life is not something I could give a damn about.

Her thoughts about me should not dictate my behavior. My own moral code and bases of that code and my ideals for being a successful man should not be under the influence of her thoughts and/or wishes let a lone a group of females I don’t know or give a damn about.

What are your thoughts?

Warm Regards



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