Caught by surprise…

I heard the front door open and then slam with a loud bang.

“Fucking bitch.” Claire screams to herself.

I got up from my lazy boy with a sigh. Claire comes stomping into the kitchen with a box of fried chicken from the corner store.

She gives me a glare asking me to say something. I smile. “Hey, baby.”

Claire’s glare melts away. “Hey, Leon. I got fired today. I didn’t feel like making dinner so I bought chicken.” She said and waited for me to say something because this the third night she got chicken from her job. This would be the last time probably.

I shrugged. “I like chicken. You want some wine?”

Claire nodded stiffly.

I went to the bedroom first and then got undressed and put on my black robe. I went to the wine case in the garage and got out her favorite. And a wine cork remover.

I came back to the dining room to see her fixing the chicken and salade on plates. “Google. Play leave the door open by Silk sonic.” I said.

The song began. She had her back to me. The song relaxed her instantly. She giggled and turned and froze.

I smiled at her and walked over. I un cocked the bottle and pour wine into her glass offered it to her and she took it.

Claire had her eyes on me though as she took sip of the wine. “Your not worried about me losing my job. The bills-“

I put a finger to her lips. I stared at her. “That’s not a problem I can’t handle baby or for you to worried about. I’m not really hungry right now. Would you like to dance a little before we go to bed?”

Claire shook her head still staring at me. “I would rather like to make a baby right now.”

I smiled. “I handle that just fine as well if you like.”

Warm Regards



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