Good days, bad days and days I wish I could keep going and not hit a wall.

I keep hitting a wall. In work. On occasion when my energy is good. My mind is positive and my thinking is not burdened with shadows of the past I can work on for hours.

Off days. I can find the will and mindset to push pass it and work for another shift and a few hours more in counting. It isn’t easy but I can do if I try hard and if I have a will to do so.

Today wasn’t those days.

It always feels like an excuse. I wish it was an excuse. I could be lazy and not feel like some invisible vampire has sucked my energy and positive vibes out of my body.

Sure my back hurts but I could push pass it. I listened to “Leave the door Open” on my phone going to work and sung the words to myself during work. It helped me through though I didn’t realize it at the time until by the end of work I was coasting and I was forgetting the words to the song.

I feel like a snail racing to a goal. I want to go faster to making more money and doing more but then I can’t.

Damn. Tomorrow’s coming. I’m hopeful.

Warm Regards



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