A study in female bullshit 5…It’s weird. She’s simply unable to grasp the idea She’s a bullshiter?

The link.

The fuck?

It’s one of those cases where a female is talking engaging in a conversation and they’re not an outright asshole they just can’t accept they’re a bullshitter or they have the ability to have a moment when they might be a bitch.

The video is about the fact every human makes survival judgments on everyone else. It’s engraved in us. It’s called sizing somebody up and then handling them base on how they come at you by the image they present to you of who they are.

It’s not a thing we do on purpose. It’s survival. The female tries to pose a easy question at the guest to make him seem not an asshole. He isn’t an asshole. She just thinks he’s an asshole because he doesn’t treat all females like princesses.

If you saw a female in public dressed like she’s working a street corner would you treat her like street walker?

This is a dumbass question now that I think about it. Because a human has already made a plan in their head how to treat the person. Now it will depend on several factors of time spent in the encounter or whether your going to connected to the person in some way or how they treat you. So you can’t treat them altogether kind or gentle to many factors.

Some people might tell you to fuck off if you treat them kindly. The way they look at you might tell you physically to fuck off before you say a word. They might even laugh if you ask them why they couldn’t wear a pink hocker outfit instead of white hocker outfit for sister’s wedding.

Anyway, the female can’t even logically see her own judgmental bullshit. She even had the balls to say she doesn’t judge people by what they wear.

Everyone does it unconsciously. It’s not a on purpose thing. You walk in to your Aunt May and Uncle Louis Christmas party and take one look at your Uncle Louis grinning with his eyes closed and “dancing” with your Aunt May and his hands are pawing her ass.

“Shit. Uncle Louis is drunk early tonight. He’s grabbing Aunt May’s ass like it might fall off.”

Warm Regards



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