You know George Lucas method really does work.

If you can’t buy your favorite classic franchise take the best parts about it and other shit and make your own shit.


A much better look at it. Taking a core element of story and crafting a single or three parts to a trilogy to that element.


A single scene. A tall female in business suit stands over a bed with a naked man in bed it with a black great dane and blue haired shorty in a black dress laying on top of him. That’s your opening scene there are so many ways you can spin it in directions nobody knows.

Qade’s wild night


What the fuck?



My eyes flew open as Lucy started smacking my face with her damn hand purse. Charlie started barking and Mary Gold was trying to cover me and block Lucy from hitting me.

“You dum sum a bitch. I told you to stay the fuck away from this bitch.” Lucy yelled at me as she hit me.

“Charlie! Lie down!” I told him.

He quieted down as Mary Gold caught Lucy’s wrists. She glared at her.

Lucy glared back. “What the fuck are you doing here Mary Gold? I thought we had a conversation about this?”

“It wasn’t a conversation. It was you bitching at me to stay the fuck away from you brother. Nothing happened?” Mary Gold said.

“Why the fuck is he naked?” Lucy demanded.

“I found him that way on the fucking street bitch.”

“That’s bullshit. Why the fuck are you two together. Qade! What the fuck is this?”

Mary Gold gave me a (you better comfirm my bullshit lie mother fucker or you ain’t getting any for a month) look. Fucking hell. I had to go with her bullshit lie. Though now that I thought about it. Why the fuck was I naked and she had clothes on?

Warm Regards



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