The tree that cries on rainy days….

I pass the tree on the road to work every day. In the morning it provides shade and shadows on the ground.

In the evening on my way back on my weekly pass back from work it rains on the sidewalk and stoney ground.

Droplets fall slowly from it’s leaves onto the ground.

I paused in my walk. I find myself staring and wondering. Why? Why does it seem so beautiful. The Texas sky is above. Calm and cloudy. Always a beautiful sight in whatever season of a year. The sun is setting and the shadows are fading.

Why is it a beautiful sight to me? Why does the sight call to me? To admire. To pause. To breath. To stop and take notice.

The droplets falling. The way the tree leans over toward me. Some times I feel a droplet fall on my skin. On the back of my work tired hands. It’s refreshing in a way on a hard day back. To feel a droplet of life’s tears fall on me and cause me to ponder and stare in amazement at the beauty of nature in a city of man made modern marvels blending nature and human convenience.

Warm Regards



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