Letter to my sister…

To the honorable Lady,

What can I tell you about this month on my weekly correspondence to you?

Nothing new I’m afraid. Nothing pleasant as I would wish my Dear Heart to avoid telling you. But, I can’t lie to you.

I love you as always. Today and twice on Sunday. That is the good. Now to the unpleasant.

Summer fever is upon me, my Dear Heart. I have no relief but the promise of Falls coming, Winter’s kiss and Springs gentle embrace again.

Oh my Dear Heart, I have my worries. My little worries. You know them well. Life’s consistent problems from here to the grave.

I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss your voice. I am an odd one I know. To miss a voice yet be afriad of phone conversation. I laugh a lot now inspite of the storms we’re encountering in these strange political days.

I have hope. I have grown used to uncertainty and failures. I will see you again. I will become the man I’ve longed to show you.

Always remember my dear. I love you. Today and twice on Sunday.

Warm Regards,

Your brother, guardiandogg


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