When is the time we will go full automation? The minute humans can make something that doesn’t brake down. So never.

Technology isn’t reliable because technology is made by people.

Every fucking year or half a damn year Iphones and androids have updates consistently because some new virus invented a minute ago will brake your shit down. But, you still got to get a new phone because there are only so many updates you can get before the technology is fucking outdated and can’t be used anymore.

You can’t trust in something like technology to have 75 percent of your business built on it. Why? Again. Shit brakes down. Shit stops working at odd times when you expected the shit to be fine for two more years. Turns out the company that made the machine you needed for your business to function made a error in the first generation design that makes it fuck up two years earlier then it should before you needed or had the funds to upgrade it without suffering a loss.

In a fucking lightning storm when the grid gets hit hard stop and traffic lights go the fuck out and in every driver’s backup plan memory is a okay now I have to be on my best behavior and watch that fucker on my right.

It’s even worse when a company is foolish enough to not have their own generator or be at the whim of the government’s power grind.

Holy shit.

The power grind here in the great state of Texas is little more then a fucking after thought my dude. It’s the fucking wild west out here. Imagine if every business was dependent on it.

Holy shit.

Last words. A lazy asshole on the job is more reliable in a business then a fucking machine that breaks down for no reason on a busy day. Depending on automated technology to not shit the bed on a business day is wishful thinking to me.

Warm Regards



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