The great state of Texas makes a grand push to enforce Covid Vaccines on employees…I have thoughts.

Here’s the article.

This shit is for employees that work for Essential jobs. I happened to work for an essential company….

Now I heard some talk about this yesterday I didn’t care at the time and I was half listening. I was tired feeling sick from the humidity and heat and just wanted to get shit done. My company says you got to get the vaccine or wear a mask permanently…. My give a damn meter was on orange at this point.

First my thoughts….

There are two realities about this shit that people don’t get. The people decide whether or not some bullshit some little god in black robes will dictate the lives of how a company’s culture of people behave let alone a culture.


No matter what a dude with gun in a uniform says or some little god in black robes says. Here the people are the power….and we got the guns. Food for thought.


I’ve seen the shit throughout this shit Covid bullshit. There is only so far you can go with this mind fuck shit. You can have some mother fucker screaming at you about the news said this and some ass clown in a lab jacket said that and it’s all bullshit. People will buck against that shit depending on the cultural norm of resistance.

The resistance began mid way of last year here and picked up speed in the beginning of the Texas shit storm.

Another reality if essential workers are needed in a work environment it’s the employees that have the company by the balls. The company tries to hide this but it’s the reality of essential jobs. If you become essential to the company or you’re apart of group of essential workers the company needs you.

Essential jobs aren’t easy and essential workers are always looking for a good reason to quit because dealing with corporate gets to you sometimes. It’s a certain type of person to do the shit. To come in on time every damn day. To show up. To be committed to the purpose of the company and getting shit done. If you have a hundred essential reliable professionals ignore a policy in the face of a corporate snitch nothing happens most times. However, the snitch could get his way for a few weeks maybe even a month or two and then the employees will get tired of the shit and and buck the policy.

The company will whin quietly but not say shit to you because they need you more then you need them. This is real life. Words on a page don’t mean shit when you need people to show up on time to get shit done. An essential company needs workers because few people means you miss achieving your objectives.

My opinion when or if they start asking for covid vaccine cards. What will I do?

Fuck um.

I’ll quit and get a job somewhere near where I live. I don’t need that level of bullshit in my life. I DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT LIKE THAT!


Where is the fucking deta behind the vaccines? Where the fuck are the trial deta lab journals of the negative or positive effects taking these “vaccines” will have on a person depending on age and race?

I have questions and nobody in a lab jacket is answering shit to me. So fuck um. I don’t want to be somebody’s bitch lab rat.

Warm Regards



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