It’s weird I never really understood what American distrust of the government feels like until I came to Texas…

By American I don’t mean the whole paper birth born on magic dirt shit. I mean the feeling that the overlords in charge might be the dirtiest mother fuckers in charge and these mother fuckers control the fucking power grid.

Of course having a black rambo heritage should have prepared me for this shit but not really.

American distrust for the government is a different kind of spirit. The whole texas shit storm really pushed it home to the forefront of my mind. I need to have a self reliance attitude or have a back up plan for when the government will fuck me over. Not as a safety net but logical conclusion to relying on people I don’t know to look out for me because reasons?!

But, here’s another question. Why the fuck should I trust the American government at this point?

I got both Pimp cocain Democrats and conservative GOP hoes all demanding that I believe in the system or trust the process will be corrected or listen to the daily mind fuck from the news and government officials telling me to believe in them. I don’t.

Sometimes you get one time to introduce yourself. That colors how people react to you. I’ve had more then one bad experience with the government in the past. Now, I’m living in a fucking simulation of a never never land government.

How the fuck are these people better then the Overlords of China? Their not. Their worse. At least the Chinese Overlords are more honest about their bullshit and their people know where they stand. The overlords of the dying American Empire are still lying to people.

The little gods in black robes are mandating covid “vaccines” for work and the shit won’t stop there. The shit doesn’t make me depressed it makes me watchful. These times make me alert strangly. I can survive this shit. I can grow stronger from oppression and struggle.

I love the 1996 movie, The Edge. It really is a masterpiece lost song of Big Dick Energy.

I recall it to mind now more then ever. The spirit of it is conveyed in three words.

Never give up!

Just because the odds are against you doesn’t mean you should lie down and let nature eat you alive.

Just because a government system is falling and collapsing around me doesn’t mean I have to lose my shit.

I find it helpful, this attitude of Never give up.

Warm Regards



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