I spent my day off playing and obessing over a puzzle game.

I bought a game from gog.com and spent the day of my second day off obessing over a damn puzzle game.

It was a nice distraction some what because my mind was actively wondering how to solve a timed puzzle game with a hidden timer and thinking about different positions at work. The game is one of those games that is a hair puller but silly enough to keep me interested. But, it was a more healthier way of keeping off my darker moments at bay. My energy levels have been good though.

The weekend or my days off have been a balancing act of relaxation and hoping a low activity day when the bitch depression fucking with me won’t throw off my next work week.

This whole bullshit with Covid and everything else made me realize I really need to and I could monitor my energy levels. It’s weird. Some dudes count calories or gains in the gym. I’m trying to moniter energy levels between off days and good days and what triggers low energy days.

Warm Regards



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