A study in bullshit: corporate business redlettermedia style.

This a video from redlettermedia in which Mike and Macaulay Culkin discuss the last dragon.

Summary. Mike was bored of the film and considered it primarily about fucking. The story and charecters and movie is centered around getting laid.

He’s got a point. You could view the martial arts as a smoke screen so little kids don’t know they’re watching a softcore porno story. Granted nobody is fucking in the story. You have people talk about doing it. Main character wants to fuck the lead female but he is on a mission to complete his studies and gain confidence in himself before he thinks about fucking.

In real life for most black folks it’s the reverse. Do alot of fucking and then find out who you are and what your place in world is or your purpose. It’s weird you have a black character that wants to do things in the none ordinary way. But, that is just my opinion.

But, Mike thinks quite intellectual that the film is primarily about fucking. He indeed has a point.

Culkin likes the film and got Mike to watch it. The episode really shouldn’t have been done because you could tell Mike doesn’t give a damn about the film, the story, the characters and theme or viewers to work up a give a damn to just talk about without the feeling he is forcing himself to do so for business reasons.

It was interesting though watching him try to discuss the film. There is some bullshit going on that put me off. I have no idea what but it is interesting form of bullshit I can’t put a name to.

I know that he is a cinama snob elict blue blood. It’s not a dig. He’s just one of those dudes that take movie analysis seriously. He likes clear and solid story structures and all that bullshit.

It was almost like watching a dude trying to talk about the story of a porno that his business associate made him watch for work. He was regreting watching the video and discussing it at least that is how I viewed his body language. He talked little through the video and Culkin did most of the talking and carried the episode along.

I kept wondering what the fuck is up with this dude? It’s just an old 80s movie. Why the weird bullshit? You don’t have to like it but if you can’t put your snobbish ways aside to be entertaining don’t do a half ass video.

Now contrast this with another black movie where he and the gang watch and review a Rudy Ray Moore weird as fuck movie that looks like a piece of shit and he can get through the movie and enjoy it for the piece of shit that it is with a few laughs.

It’s weird to me. The dude has watched hundreds of shity movies and him watching the last dragon felt like I was watching a guy doing a business video he hated to do. Honestly I don’t know what the fuck was up with Mike. Though writing about it now. It might be the corporate bullshit line.

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