To a female that has had eight blood Ritual Sacrifices. Why do you need validation.

If your new here this is the link to what a Blood Ritual Sacrifice is.

Now some well meaning people call for understanding and encouragement for female cult worshipers that engage in Blood Ritual Sacrifices to be handled with care and love. I’ve seen pussies that don’t like blood ritual sacrifices that advise modern thinking non pegans to be encouraging and not make fun of female cult worshipers or be mean to them. So they can convince people that engage in pegan cult rituals are weird.

Fuck that pussy shit. The minute you become an adult or have the option to choose who lives and dies you don’t deserve kid gloves. I got questions and thoughts about it from a non cult perspective.

I mean it’s legal and on demand in the post rational and truth 1st world shit holes. So you can have it your way big mac style but why the fuck does a female cult worshipper need validation for sacrificing a human life on a pagen chair of the worship of ego and hubris?

Come on my dude. The fucking balls on a female cult worshipper that says she has a right to sacrifice a human being because she forgot how humans are created is laughable. The excuse that it was a slip up and her plans for college or she can’t afford to take care of “it”.

Holy shit. The cult like thinking of turning babies into monsters in their woams in their fucking minds. The fucking brain washing.

Hey, I was a victim of the shit myself until I started thinking about it and saw the shit. It’s the old game of dehumanizing for the reason of personal gain or to terminate for the glorification of female cult hubris.

There is a comedy in this shit. Think about it. A female cult worshipper has to have a reason to terminate a human so that she can gain something from her god…

Now who is her god? Herself or more to the point the female gender.

Have you ever heard a beta bitch male worshipper defend this shit? It’s always from the view point that the female has the superior right, knowledge and will over the males in the production of humans.

Holy shit. The production of humans?

They think this way. Listen to them. I heard a dude named Nick Cannon speaking this cult talk shit once and it always sounds weird. Off.

Warm Regards


P. S.

My solution for females that think humans are “its” is for them to have sex with dudes that can’t have children. Problem solved. Though that would be the end to cult worship.


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