The two reasonable options and the one religious option.

Holy shit. Real talk. I thought the four my little pony ridders of atheism had a goal of replacing theism with reason and logic? They thought the fall of religion  (Christianity) would be the fall of violence and irrational thinking???

You know world peace and all that bullshit.


When in fucking human history have human beings haven’t provided justification for doing fucked up shit. Do you need a relious reason for doing fucked up shit? Sure you can reason out of bullshit reasoning until a dude pulls a piece out and says..

“Okay. I admit it. I raped your daughter. So what? Take the check and tell that bitch to keep her mouth shut. If you don’t I’ll rape her and your wife and it won’t be shit for you to do about it. My Daddy is the fucking governor.”

You have three options. 1. Die for rational thinking. 2. Take the money. Pretend it didn’t happen and hope the Jackel leaves your family alone. 3. PUT THAT BITCH TO SLEEP!!

One of these options is the religous old school Christian option. Which one do you think it is?

Some might say option two. Not my option but okay. To each his own bullshit.

You might say there all reasonable. Nope. Reason is not stronger then emotion or passion or greed. A dude can justify being someone’s bitch with cold logic if he’s a word smith.

But, if your reason is based on right and wrong…well you know my thoughts.

I mean think about it. Cold logic reasonable best option would be option 2. You can’t win every fight and maybe taking the money would be more helpful for the daughter to get treatment.

Warm Regards


P. S

My option would be option 3+. I would do everything in my power to destroy what that bitch values the most. There is always an image or something a bitch like him values. When I would crush. His type doesn’t last long from the shock or humiliation. At the same time I would go after any side bitch of his that defends him. Weak punk ass bitches like him are purn to murdering themselves when they face the hammer of justice coming down on their heads. It wouldn’t be revenge. No. No. It would a religous quest to honor The Way.

A divine quest to put that bitch to sleep. But, again this is just me musing in written form. Though when I think about it how easy is it now adays to destroy a bitches image. All you need is a phone or they’re own words from a recorded conversation. Hmm.

Murder is wrong.


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